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Many golfers have custom magnetic ball markers they clip on their hat or belt but you have never seen a four-in-one golf tool like the Versotee. Upon first look, the device appears to just contain a magnetic ball marker which was easy to remove and mark balls on the green as expected but turn the Versotee 90 degrees and you will see a bottle opener on the side. Quite a handy addition. Flipping it over reveals the real magic, the tee pusher feature that allows for five different tee depths. Simply place your tee in any of the slots, then push it into the ground thus creating a consistent tee height time and time again, nice. The last feature is hidden. The bottom of the Versotee slides off and reveals a divot repair tool. Something that every golfer needs on the course.


The Versotee did prove to be simple to use and I understood why you would want to use the tee pusher even before I started my round. It is built with heavy plastic right here in South Dakota and provided a consistent tee height. One negative I found was that it was one more thing I had to have in my hand when getting ready to tee off and actually another step, push the tee in, put the Versotee away, then put the ball on the tee. I only used it when I hit my driver as on par threes I choose to use a busted tee pushed in just about the ground level to provide a stable platform for my iron shot.

Overall it is a quality tee pusher, made in the USA and is sold locally at over 20 area golf courses including Elmwood G.C., Prairie Green G.C. in Sioux Falls, Golf Addiction, all Austads locations or by calling (605) 789-3888. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Three Things To Know About the Versotee

  1. Built to simplify your game by giving you consistent tee height.

  2. Manufactured in the USA by Cardinal Industries in Aberdeen South Dakota.

  3. Available at over 20 golf course locations or by calling (605) 789-3888.

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